Our Story

Growing up in the south, fall Saturdays with college football was a way of life…. still is and always will be. Our passion and enthusiasm for our schools are unmatched anywhere in the country. This is the inspiration for the Collegiate Originals Apparel Company.

In 1993, my brother Terry and two other partners formed ScreenTech screen www.health4life.net printing and embroidery which focused primarily on the K-12 school markets. I was working with a company that was involved with the college and university graduation and athletic markets at the time. This led to the opportunity to discuss and ultimately reach agreements for ScreenTech to be the exclusive apparel and souvenir vendors in the stadiums and arenas for the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Troy University. We have maintained these rights for a combined 20+ years. This was an exciting time for our company as we were right in the middle of the game day excitement.

During this time, I became very interested in creating an apparel brand that reflected the atmosphere at Auburn with a casual, yet stylish appearance. After several discussions with friends and family we had an idea. It was then that we created the Original Tradition brand which features the iconic eagle logo.

Original Tradition symbolizes the great history and tradition that is Auburn University and does so with a classic, but distinct comfortable look and feel.

Thank you for sharing the tradition with us.

Shannon R. Collins
Managing Partner, Collegiate Originals Apparel